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4 Reasons Why You're NOT Living Your Passion

What is your passion?
Do you have any idea what your Passion is?
I would say a good amount of people don’t know what their passion is and a larger amount does know their passion, but doesn’t know how to live it out, monetize it and be able to say they do their passion for a living. I am guilty of the latter, recently if you’ve been reading my posts, I just started a blog… so this is my attempt of living out my passion.

It has taken me two decades to fully allow myself the ability to broadcast it and share with the world my feelings, experiences, thoughts and opinions all because of the following 4 items listed below that has stopped me.
 -Why You're NOT Living Your Passion-
Not knowing yourself.
To know who you are, you must want to discover it, you must know that only you can define who you are, no one else.. not your spouse, parents, friends, media or family members, no one can define who you are, what your interests are besides you.

I think that’s the hardest thing for people to…

3 Tips to Maintain Your COOL

Why do some family members grow balls around the holidays or celebratory days like Mothers-Day?
Feeling some post-Mother’s Day stresses, as I have received a facebook post masked by kindness and desire to connect, but the nature of its intent was revealed after some back and forth comments within the post. I haven’t spoken to my mom in sometime now, probably 6-7 months.Some of my family members, primarily my mom has some degree of entitlement when it comes to what I should do for her… it’s a very long drawn out story that doesn’t necessarily need to be hashed out here, but the point of it is, is that I am older, wiser and have a family of my own. With that being said, my priorities lie with them and for the betterment of their livelihoods.Anything or anyone that doesn’t contribute to this, needs to make an effort to come around, otherwise I wont care less if they aren’t.

I realized after some time that I had allowed the simple facebook post to get the best of me, I became upset and had b…

5 Tips to a Balanced Mom Life

Balancing all the faucets of life, as a Mom can be one of the most challenging aspects of it all.It is difficult and sometimes we must pick and choose what needs most of our attention in any given moment and giving equal attention to anyone person or activity seems impossible. There’s no two of the same days or weeks or months that we experience. As moms, our lives are ever changing, our children don’t forever stay the same age, our career is always shifting, our mental and emotional stability is always in flux and our relationships with our partners can be strained from time to time.

Which means these ever so changing aspects of our lives is a constant stressor and we must be able to learn how to be flexible with those changes. There’s a lot of balls in the air when maintaining a life of a mom and I can see why some moms can go on the deep end and some moms have longer periods of depression.Below I have listed a way for us moms to bridge the gap of balancing our lives.
1.Be Grateful.

7 Steps to Start YOUR Blog - My Journey

Disclaimer: I am only 9 days new of having my blog.. I am not an expert.. this is just from my personal experiences.
As I am thrilled to be finally blogging, the results I am seeing is a bit defeating… but I cant be too hard on myself since its literally only been 9 days. This is not a How To Blog type of blog, but I do want to share the experiences I’ve had so far as I am personally developing through all my learning and growth, so I want to share that part of my Personal Growth and Self-Development i have had with starting this journey.
7 STEPS I am LEARNING or have LEARNED - 9 days into Blogging 1.I had to determine my Niche.
This process was pretty easy for me as I thoroughly loved journaling, especially about self help, personal discoveries, inner strength etc.. In the event that you are unsure of what to blog about, look at what you love doing, what you cant stop talking about and the things you listen to or read… this topic should be what your blog would be about.The concept is,…

4 Actionable Tips that Rewire Your Brain through Journaling

Do you want to change your habits, change your knee jerk reactions and improve your responses to situations? Initially the concept of rewiring your brain sounds scientific and somewhat impossible unless guided by some sort of professional, but there is scientific proof that its really simple.

My research has revealed that the art of journaling, REWIRES your brain, building new neural pathways for better understanding causing better results and a happier and better you. Below, I list 4 Reasons Journaling Rewires YOUR Brain.

1.Our Brains are Supercomputers. According to Jim Kwik, author + entrepreneur, the brain is essentially a supercomputer, processing at the capacity of what we’ve intentionally and unintentionally taught it to run on.Just like our computers we work off of, if we don’t update our programs from time to time, we are working off of an older version of the system.

Journaling is one of the ways to intentionally teach and rewire new processes, we can intentionally, pick a…

My Blogging Journey: Week 1

HAPPY 1 WEEK ANNIVERSARY TO MY BLOG! Money Out: $180 (domain, hosting, website builder on
Money In: $0
My blog is about personal development, my take on books and podcast within that niche and my journey as I attempt to implement a better way of living... writing is my passion and writing about personal growth, behavioral science together is where my heart sings! So here I am, my journey as a blogger began 1 week from today, as that is when I officially clicked PUBLISH button on my Godaddy account, my site is: Happy ANNIVERSARY to me!  The last I checked, there was a total of 134 views on the site, which I believe 40% of that was me. LOL.. Which means that 75ish people have viewed my site, that may be a good start, I suppose.
So far, I have 4 posts up and have been actively marketing my blogs on Pinterest and Instagram… none of which are my own personal social accounts as I am not fully launching to my personal network until I have more blogs up…