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Bring Your Toddler to the Nail Salon

Have some fun with your toddler and bring them to the Nail Salon!
There’s a lot of negative talk about bringing your kid to the nail salon.  There is some definite DO's and DONT's that apply in this case, especially when your child or toddler is not well behaved.  There should be a rule that your child must be of a certain age and if your child does act out/throws a tantrum, that the parent/client must leave to calm the child. You must be prepared to have to leave if there were a tantrum. 
This is something that comes with the territory of having children. It would be irresponsible if you do not attend to your child. That’s the darker side of bringing your child to a nail salon or beauty parlor.  
On the lighter side, if you are able to have your child stay calmed, entertained and excited about being at the nail salon, I say go for it Mom!
I have been lucky enough to have toddlers whom are well behaved long enough (1.5-2hrs) for them and myself to enjoy a day of pampering at the n…

3 Ways to Be Present with Your Toddler

3 Ways to be Present with Your Toddler  I've notice that I have started an extremely bad habit of being busy while watching my toddlers.  I’m either washing dishes, cooking, cleaning or on a phone/laptop while I am watching them.   I will say that I am doing one of those things 60-70% of the time while I’m with them.  This is an extremely terrible habit that I’ve started and the biggest problem is that I’m guilty of it more than 50% of the time (UGH!!!). According to Dr. Tsabli, in her book Conscious Parent, she goes over that by being present allows us to proactively parent, utilizing each moment as true teaching lessons and having compassion for our children while still teaching tough lessons.  Otherwise, the opposite of that, a parent that is notpresent (me UGH!!), are responding to our toddler’s misbehavior or cry out for attention, reacting from a place of our own personal anxieties or historical baggage.  This can be a huge detriment to your toddlers self identity, self worth bec…

6 Core Values to Teach Your Toddlers

Core values are essentially the pillars of all of the decisions made in our lives.

If your child doesnt learn about their core values, your toddlers ability to make beneficial decisions as an adult will have no compass and their life will be unguided.  Life has too many temptations, that can cause heartache for our children if we don’t help them become better people by instilling core values, then we are doing them a disservice as their parents.  All things in moderation, too much of anything is dentrimental. Core values provides us a balance from overdoing any one thing.  As parents, it is our responsibility to ingrain core values within our children and the earlier the better, during their toddler years, so that they don’t need to go through the difficult process of unlearning bad behavior.  Teaching your toddler principles to live by, allows your child to know that life has boundaries, as parents instilling these guidelines so that they can understand that there are certain rules that y…

4 Actionable Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler

Teach your child to regulate their emotions.
Studies show that as early as 18 months old, children are known to start reacting to Parents responses. 

What does this mean?  Our children naturally want to please us, so if we set the tone early on with how we want them to behave, the easier to set some foundational disciplinary values that will help your toddler become productive and emotionally balanced adults. As children, they go off of what we directly imply and what we indirectly imply.  Therefore, we as parents need to be consciousness of our own behaviors around our children. Our children pick up on all those cues, our physical subtleties and gestures that not even ourselves aware of most of the time.   -Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler- Set Boundaries The start to disciplining our children begins with communicating our expectations, day in and day out. Our children look up to us for guidance on how to behave. 
The only way we can manage this is to set boundaries and show them what we e…