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Mommy Workers, Are You Burnt Out?

Mommy Workers, Are You Burnt Out? 

Are you a mom with a full time job, juggling to keep everything in running order?

Well, I feel you girl, because I am too.

The stresses of life are great and to add challenges of being a mom, raising children and maintaining a household, is even greater.

I work full time and come home to my girls at 5ish, make dinner, play with them, clean, then it’s time for our bedtime routine, bathe and bedtime story. 

On a good day, they won’t fight me on laying in their beds and falling straight to sleep, other days, they will get up and ask me countless questions about what show to put the tv on, or that they want juice, or they don’t want to be in their beds, but want to be in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

I don’t know how the mothers before me did it, all I know is that at the end of my day, I need a full glass of wine and a good foot soak, oh how I love those!

Ladies, honestly answer the following 3 questions:

Does Your work seem endless?

When I reference work, I mean at yo…

Convert your Face Masks into Cleansers/Scrubs

4 Steps to convert Face Masks as Cleansers/Scrubs

If you haven’t already, please read my post on the types of face masks I’ve converted into face cleansers/scrubs. 
Now on to the post... 
Don’t waste your Face Masks because you don’t have time for this at the end of your night! Convert them into cleansers or scrubs!
Yes, Face Masks are face masks for a reason, but I don’t see why we can’t use them as cleansers/scrubs.
I am a mommy of two, with a full time job, a home to maintain, in a relationship and have a blog that I am building. I don’t have the time for a full on face masks 2 or 3 times week and boy do I have a closet full of facial masks that just sit there because of my lack of time to do that kind of stuff. 
One day, I decided to use one of them as cleansers and Noticed that my skin was more clear, less red and overall had a better complexion, now I do this at least 5 times a week. 
Face Masks are packing great nutrients for your skin and minusing the time absorption of the ac…

4 Freeman Face Masks, converted into Face Cleansers/Scrubs

Time Saving Face Masks Technique 
4 Freeman Face Masks that I converted into Cleansers/Scrubs
Not enough time for a face mask at the end of your night? 
Are you spending money on Face Masks, but they end up just sitting in your bathroom collecting dust?? 
Well this post can help you solve this Face Mask dilemma. 
I too had the same problem, I bought plenty of these face masks because they look so fun and appealing, and I just love this stuff and noticed that they would sit there for months because I rarely had time to do a face mask at the end of my nights.
Ladies, I know the pain! As moms, time is of an essence, I get it! I work full time, carve out exercise, make dinner, spend time with my children and clean the house. By the end of my day, I ask myself if it’s even worth showering because of how tired I am. So when it comes face mask, I definitely ain’t got no time for that! 
I’ve created a way where I can still enjoy having Face Masks, use them as face masks at my leisure and when …

5 Successful Blogging Affirmations for New Bloggers!

Are you feeling down about not getting the results you want with your blog? Well this post is for you! 

I am a new blogger myself and notice some negative thoughts throughout my journey.  To combat those negative emotions, I have created a list of positive affirmations below that can help with staying centered, focused and confident through the ups and downs of my blogging journey and want to share them with you!
I am a huge believer in affirmations, it alters your thought process, perceptions and can positively affect your actions.

If you’ve read my previous post on Motherhood Affirmations, you will know that I've referenced Louis Haye’s “Heal Your Life” book where she goes over affirmations and how you can heal your life by having powerful statements, also known as affirmations. Get your copy below: Within this post, I am sharing with you my personal affirmations that I made that directly connects with blogging, having a successful blog and staying positive throughout my journey.

3 Life Changing Reasons to Soak Your Feet before Bed

3 Life Changing Reasons to Soak Your Feet before Bedtime
Anyone been to a spa or nail salon? One of the first things they do is soak your feet in some nice warm/hot water because it immediately puts you in a state of spa-like feeling.  Well this is what I want all moms to experience, this spa-like feeling at least 3 nights a week and it’s so easy to do!
Soaking my feet is one of my most favorite thing to do when everyone has gone to bed.  Hallelujah!!   Everyone is asleep, now I get to have some me time!   I get a bucket, fill it enough to cover my feet up to right before my ankles with warm/hot water. I like it more on the hot side so when it cools down it’s still warm, I dislike my water turning cold too fast. 
My favorite items to place in my water is lavender epsom salt and tea tree oil, it smells amazing, nourishes my skin and the oil is great for keeping my toe nails sanitized.
For the best results, I suggest getting the two items below:
3 Life Changing Reasons to Soak Your Feet befor…