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3 Post Care Tips - Brazilian Waxing At Home

3 Post Care Tips - At Home Brazilian Waxing Are you a beginner at Waxing yourself? 
Specifically, in the most sensitive areas of your body? 
Are you getting some ingrowns down there? 
Are there bumps that arise after you’ve waxed yourself? 
Don’t fret, I am an experienced Brazilian waxer- at least for myself only and I’m so thrilled to share the knowledge and give other mommy’s and women the same power, get back time and money by doing your own At Home Brazilians! 
Ive been getting Brazilians for about 8 years and I’ve been waxing myself for the past year and I am so happy for this discovery. 
I specifically use Blisses Product below: 
I am a mommy of two and saving money and time is very important to my household!  
Now that I’ve learned to wax myself, I am saving money, time and gained my power back! The spa no longer has me chained to them every 4-6 weeks! 
If you haven’t already, check out my
YouTube Video on After Care - Brazilian Waxing:

Or read my Post on Waxing Yourself! 
—- Now…

Easy At Home Brazilian Wax - Just like the Spa!

Easy At Home Brazilian Wax - Just like the Spa!
Wax Yourself at Home! It is POSSIBLE Ladies!
I use Bliss Hair Removal Waxing Kit - hard wax. 
I’ve had it with depending on others to wax my private parts and skincare needs!
Calling all Moms, Ladies and anyone else wanting to get your power back, time back and save money! 
Waxing yourself can get all of these back into your life!

STOP relying on other people to get your Brazilians done, DO IT yourself, girl!! 
I will share with you my insights and discoveries with how I do it! Keep reading.
You can use the Bliss Waxing Kit to remove hairs from different areas of your body, but this post will only go over the benefits and my Brazilian waxing journey from the Spa to Now doing it myself in my home using Bliss’s Waxing Kit.  
I have been getting Brazilians for over 10 years of my life and my first time ever was with a professional esthetician who had her office in the comfort of her home, she was licensed but not licensed to do business in…

At Home Brazilian Waxing | 3 Painful Mistakes!

3 Huge Mistakes - At Home Brazilian Wax
Are you a Mommy on a budget, pressed for time and powerless when it comes to getting your Brazilians done? 
Are you a Mommy tinkering with the idea with doing your own At Home Brazilian Wax? 
I was in your shoes at one point, that was a year ago, now I am an at home waxing professional, at least for giving myself Brazilians! Boy, what a life saver! 
I use the Bliss's Hair Removal Kit, get yours now!

It’s possible to learn how to give yourself Brazilians! 
I am sharing with you my 3 Huge Mistakes that I made Waxing my flower down there! 
At home Waxing was something I really wanted to master, I was sick and tired of having to rely on someone else to take care of my hair needs down there, but during my learning process, I realized that I made some mistakes along the way. 
I knew that this learning process will be about experimenting, gathering data, making changes to each time I wax myself to be better until I perfected the process. And I a…

4 Self Care Mommy Activities for Balance & Peace

 Self Care Mommy Activities that promotes Balance & Peace
How to Balance Motherhood with everything else! 
I am a career woman by day, Mommy of two and wife by night and blogger when all them have gone to bed. 
I notice that I can get a bit crazy, over emotional, stresses if things don’t go the way I planned or even worst a grumpy momma to my toddlers. 
Modern Day Motherhood includes a lot of responsibilities. One of which is being a side hustler, I know moms whom write books on the side of their day jobs, hustle make up, life insurance or diet supplements all to make a better living for themselves and their family. 
It’s a lot, I know! Working full time and being a part time blogger takes away from my mental decompression and adds to the stress. It takes more mental effort to be a blogger than it is my day job, that’s for sure. 
I don’t know how Mommy bloggers juggle all of this. 
The one thing I do know is to not compromise my happiness and wellbeing for anything that can wait. I say t…

4 Reasons to do your own Brazilian Waxing!

4 Reasons to Do Your Own Brazilian Waxing at Home.   I’ve been waxing myself for the past year and I am compelled to share my discoveries with the rest of the women and mommy’s out here whom are tinkering with the idea of Brazilian waxing themselves... I have some great news for you my dear friend.
It’s actually easier than you think!!
I am a huge advocate of saving money and time!  Now that I am a mother, of two... I need to be careful with how I expend both time and money.
Scheduling is a b*tch with the salon, it’s hard to get in when you want and the price is outrageous. 
I have to go the salon at least every 4-5 weeks, I have to plan it around my periods, around vacations, around when I can get someone to watch my girls, around this or that.. it’s annoying. 
I also hate having to show my vagina to another person besides my man... I get it, it’s there job, but damn it’s embarrassing still even after almost 8 years of having a professional wax my vagina. I don’t like the small talk,…