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Benefits of Talking to a Therapist - Post Partum Depression

Benefits of Talking to a Therapist 
My first couple of years of motherhood was tough, I was emotional, sad and lonely.

My partner travelled 75% of the time which made it worst.My family was around, but I didn’t feel as connected to them as I wished and needed.

I was victim of Post-Partum Depression that lasted for a couple of years after my children were born.

At the time, I didn’t notice that I had suffered from PPD, but looking back, it was evident that my responses towards people, how I felt inside and my thoughts reflected that I suffered from PPD. 
I decided to talk to a professional that helped me cope with my confusing and very fiery emotions which helped me understand that these emotions were temporary and nothing to act on.

I still see a therapist, after 4.5 years of having children, I am no longer suffering from PPD, but I do feel like the process of talking to someone from the outside can help me understand situations, rationalize and logically respond to myself and others.
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Develop Self Awareness to Become Better Parents

Developing Self Awareness to Become Better Parents I believe that the better we know ourselves, the better we can problem solve, or handle situations life throws at us. 
Becoming self aware and knowing who you are is imperative, if we want to teach our children to become strong, confident and powerful individuals.  Therefore, this inner work begins with us.

We are not here to provide them with only shelter, food and clothes on their backs, but we have a larger responsibility to teach them about discovering their inner worlds. 
As human beings, the closer we are to ourselves, the more we have gained self awareness, the better we are able to create a life of meaning, fulfillment and happiness.  You cant truly become fulfilled if you don’t know who you are. 
So lets begin the work of self discovery and gain some self awareness.  - Gaining Self Awareness -Determine Your Internal Dialogue. Internal Dialogue is usually refers to a conversation that takes place that is 'inner' and …

Valuable Life Lessons in Your Twenties

Life Lessons in Your Twenties
The theory of the older you get, the smarter you are and the more you know about lifeis false. I believe the theory above is only applicable if your are being reflective throughout the years and learning from lessons. 
Otherwise, you’re just getting older but not learning and applying a better way of living to your life. 

Are you being reflective on your life, where you are and applying better ways to live out your life? If not, I encourage you to take inventory of where you are, what needs improvement and what you have and haven’t learned along the way. 
I’ve had my own share of my own ups and downs and can say I’ve learned a lot along the way, especially looking back into my twenties. 

There were many ups and downs that taught me the meaning of delaying gratification and understanding the value of smart work and how to make & spend money.

 -Lessons Learned in my Twenties-

1. The Career you set out to have, usually won’t be what you end up doing.
2. Only hav…