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Increase Your Self Awareness w/ One Simple Change

Increase Your Self Awareness w/ One Change
I was wandering around YouTube the other day and stumbled upon a really interesting TED Talks on Behavioral Change and Increasing Self Awareness.

There was this lady talking on stage, in a red dress and seem to have a compelling subject she spoke about. 
Dr. Tasha Eurich, a resgearcher on Cognitive Development and Behavioral Patterns.

Dr. Eurich conducted a research, as to what was the difference between those who scored high on Self Awareness and those who scored low. From what I remember, the amount of people she and her team studied was about 500,000 people ranging in different career, age and races.
Her study found that the one difference between the two groups was, the question they’d ask themselves when they were faced with uncomfortable feelings, or needing to handle a difficult situation. 

The group of people that scored lower in Self Awareness, would ask WHY questions.

Dr. Eurich goes on about the paralyzing information that gets presented …

Trunk or Treat Halloween Event - Poppy Foundation!

The Poppy Foundation is hosting its 1st annual Trunk or Treat Halloween Event 2018! 
FREE ADMISSION!& Donations are appreciated! 
Are you a cat lover, animal lover, Halloween fanatic or are parents looking for a place to bring your costume wearing children or fury pets for some fun and spooky Halloween trick or treating festivities?
Bring them to a fun filled Halloween evening, hosted by our community cat lovers organization – the Poppy Foundation of Las Vegas.  
Location: Bonanza Cat Hospital - Parking Lot 6620 Sky Point Drive Las Vegas, NV  <

Commitment vs. Love

Commitment vs. Love 
Are you committed to your relationship or are you in love with the person in your relationship, therefore making you committed...? 

Some would say that it goes hand in hand, that love comes with commitment.

But I say different, that loving your partner or anyone for that matter is one thing and commitment is completely another ball game. 
Loving someone is great, you feel like you care about the person, you want to know how they are doing, what they're doing and you want to ensure that they love you back. 
Commitment on the other hand is, by definition – the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. 
So that makes me wonder, do you even know as people, parents, partners, of what your cause is? 
What is it that you are committed to exactly?

Are you committed to the person, are you committed to an exact end goal, something meaningful? 

Perhaps, a fulfilling relationship with your partner or children? 
Thinking about it is worth your time, this allows you…