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Teach Your Child the Attitude of Gratitude - Happy Thanksgiving!

Toddler Life Lessons - Mindset of Gratitude
On Thanksgiving, we give thanks to the people, places and things in our lives.  We post pictures of what we are thankful for, we make a beautiful meal for that day to share how appreciative we are and e tell the people in our lives how thankful we are. 
But, what about the rest of the year? What about the other 364 days of the year? Do we carry this energy during the other parts of year, when it matters most?
I say, not. 
I get it, Thanksgiving marks a huge day for the start of our country, but we should be thankful every day of the year and not just exercise this gratefulness on one day. 
One of the life lessons that I see very important to instill in my children is a mindset Thankfulness
WHY? A mindset of gratitude and appreciation can aid people to go through life’s darkest fazes, promote an optimistic view of different circumstances, can help with focusing on the good instead of harping on the bad.  
Becoming a thankful person increases the ch…

3 Reasons Employers Trash Your Resume - SAHM's going back to work

3 Reasons Employers Trash Your Resume
When a Hiring Manager has to hire for a new position, there’s a level of stress that goes along with the hiring process. 
Hiring managers are unsure of how long the process of hiring someone will take, having to review resumes and interview candidates takes time from their day to day responsibilities. 
This excludes hiring managers that solely interview candidates and conduct the hiring process, but for most companies, Managers, General Managers or Directors are left having to administer the interviews and siphon through the different resumes received. 
With all that being said, Employers want to be able to quickly scan your resume, find out if you are qualified and the decision usually takes 45 seconds to 1 minute to determine if your resume is someone they will want to call back for an interview or if your resume will go in the trash.
The quick glance allows for employers to save time and help them go through more resumes faster and schedule intervie…

Tailor your Resume for Specific Job for SAHM's back to work!

3 Reasons to Tailor your Resume for Specific Job
Are you a SAHM looking to go back to Corporate America? Its difficult to be confident in your job hunt if you've been at home with the kids for sometime. Don't fret! This creative approach to drafting your resume will give you an edge to your job hunting!
Do you have one standard resume that you send out to employers? 
If so, this post will cover why it’s important to have tailored resumes to different job types and how to do it. 
Let’s say for example, I want a legal secretarial position with a company & are open to being a secretary for any company as long it’s secretary type of a position. 
I would create two types of resumes:  One resume would be geared towards handling all legal documents, legal projects, legal entities and any kind of legal administrative experiences. 
The second resume would be covering general secretary duties, answering phones, managing reports, calendars or drafting up correspondence.