4 Tips for a Slam Dunk Interview

Everyone knows that interviews are nerve racking, uncertainty is inevitable, and is anxiety filled. 

Most of the time the interview process gets the best of us and we don’t get to exemplify our best selves. Little do we know, there is a lot of mindset shifts that can take place for a successful interview to fruition.

 - Get grounded, know your goal in mind. 

 - Know your interviewer is human too.  

 - Be professional, arrive early & bring a copy of your resume! 

 Now that we have some mindset has shifted, lets review the 4 tips for a successful interview. Shifting the energy of nervousness towards a keen awareness in your responses to the interviewer’s questions and being mindful of your behavior during the interview will set you apart from those who didn’t do any preparation. 

It takes preparation, acceptance, honesty and being able to get over the nervousness for a successful interview. 

Tips for a Slam Dunk Interview

1. Know your interviewer.  

 Before going into the interview, do some research. Get to know the company, the products, services, what the company stands for and the history of the company, understand what the position is and the role it comes with.   
Find some information on who your interviewer is, family life, if they have kids and how long they've been with the company.  

This can open up some side conversation about family, sports, interests etc, that can help you be likeable aside from the “work talk” of the interview. 

 2. Prepare for some preliminary questions.
Play the role of the interviewer, what questions would you ask if you were interviewing for this position? Come up with some questions and provide some answers:  

 · What is your greatest mistake and why? 

 · What is your strength? 

 · What is your weakness?

 · What can you work on? 

 · How do you handle situations that are difficult with your managers, coworkers or customers? 

 Role play with a friend and answer the questions as intelligently, thoughtfully and honestly.  

 Remember the interviewer has done this more than once so they can see if you are lying or being inauthentic.  These prepared questions/answers can set you apart from other candidates.

 3. Be Honest
 Be sincere in your answers, understand that we are all human beings at the end of the day and sincerity & honesty is more compelling than generic answers. 

We have a family of our own, with our own problems and heartache and all we want is some real interactions with people, especially during the interview process.  

Be honest and sincere by bringing up something that came up for you that had you learn a huge lesson or a heartfelt story about a huge disappointment and how you came back from it. 

Stories like this sets you apart from another candidate that is just answering questions or giving bullshit answers. Stories that captivate emotion rings in people minds longer than stories without it.  

 4. Relax, Have Fun & Be Engaged.  

 I know, easier said than done but, remind yourself that this person across from you is no different from you, perhaps a different level of education or career status, but essentially the same as you.

At one point he/she was also interviewing for a position, they know how nerve racking it is.  So, relax, let the authentic part of you shine through during the interview, while of course being professional. 

Have an open mind, that means you get to think positively and see the interview in a more relax light, not this scary or stressful situation. Your energy gets to be focused on possibility and excitement for a new work position with the company you're interviewing for.

 There will always be a sense of nervousness involved with interviewing for any job, even if you are a seasoned doctor or an actor trying to get a part in a huge movie because of the level of uncertainty that people just cant seem to be fine with and leads people to becoming nervous and unfocused, but with some preparation, you can succeed.

 I hope that these 4 Tips for a Slam Dunk Interview can help you shine the light and gear your energy towards what you should focus on, allowing your best self to come through and communicate effectively!

 -Happy Interviewing! 

Your mommy blogger, 


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