4 Ways to Bounce Back from Being Fired

How do you come back from being terminated from a job?  
 Many of us have experienced being terminated from a job and its awful.

It comes with a level of embarrassment, questioning of your value and the terrifying unknown of what's to come.

 Along with most things, there is a silver lining that is accompanied with being terminated.

  If your employer is not grateful for you being there, working day in and day out, than it may be best to look for an employer that does appreciate your efforts towards the company goals, increasing the bottom line and essentially being a part of the bones of the company.  

 On another note, if you feel that you’ve deserved to be fired because you were not operating at your best, not completing tasks and responsibilities and that evaluation, after evaluation, after feedback or write up, you prove yourself not willing or capable to improve, then this job may not be for you.  

 You need to look inside and discover what you really want to do with your life and a line of work you really want to get into and care about. For everyone else, please continue reading.  

 As an employee, its tough to understand that there are just business decisions that employers need to make for the betterment of the company.

Experiencing a termination can be more difficult when you’ve developed some personal relationships with coworkers and perhaps even the leadership team.  

 Nonetheless, being fired is hard to deal with especially if you are the main source of income for your family.

 Lessons that Come with Being Fired 

1. Check your mindset

 When one doors close’s and even better door opens. There is that silver lining that comes with most things and this is this is one of them. 

When one doors close’s and even better door opens.  Be positive, obtain the mindset of, “I will get better, a better opportunity is out there for me!”  Don’t be so hard on yourself, getting let go from a job is common.  Embrace the situation and allow yourself to feel the feelings of loss, this is normal, but also remind yourself that there is a reason for everything and that the next opportunity that presents itself was meant just for you! 

 Be realistic about why you were let go, are there some things you can work on? Be honest about your performances and give yourself a hard look at what you can improve on in your next position.  

 I encourage you to get some feedback, from either your previous boss or a previous coworker, as much as this is difficult it will help you gain insight on what you need to work on.

 2. Transparency. 

 Be honest about your termination with possible employers. Employers will eventually find out if you get terminated from the job, in the event they do their due diligence in their Hiring Process. 

 It’s a gamble if you withhold this information and can go against you if the termination surfaces. Its always best to be honest about a termination.  

 3. Don’t trash talk your previous employer.

 When an employer asks questions about reasons why you were terminated, its easy to get emotional and throw up some trash talk, but this will go against you. 

Talking negatively about anyone including a former company will show your character, it shows disrespect and they don’t want someone that has bad character apart of their company. 

In the event you do get asked about the termination, own up to it, reveal some personal growths from it and answer any questions with as much logic as possible instead of emotions.  

 4. Show that you were able to bridge the gap.

 Its a great look to have solved the solution, if there was a gap in experience or knowledge within your old role.  

Take initiative and problem solve If you were fired because a lack of knowledge within your career, it would be smart to take a course that can bridge that knowledge gap and presenting this information during your interview, making you a more solid candidate for the position. 

 This shows possible employers that you are serious about your career and that you are capable of taking initiative, own a sense of self confidence and you have the ability to problem solve.  

 Everyone will experience being terminated at least once in their lives and depending on how you bounce back shows your resilience and determination for career success.

 You can acquire achievement of your next better opportunity only when you have a deliberate and well thought out plan to achieve your next job.

Ways to recover from a termination consists of Checking your Mindset, being Prepared and Educating yourself will set you apart from other candidates. 

 Good luck and stay positive!   

Your mommy blogger,


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