4 Ways to Discover Your Passion

What you naturally gravitate to is a key to the rest or your life. 
 Be open to how this could reveal itself to you. We are quietly and very subtly reminded on a frequent basis of our life's purpose. 

 And it's the matter of being open and aware enough to hear your subconscious mind giving signals as to what is your dharma or life purpose. A quiet twinkle could light up within you when you start talking about a type of activity or item. 

Or perhaps when you are talking about someone that is doing what you feel like you could be happy doing creates a level of curiosity and perhaps makes you question, "why not you?". 

 My story is a bit odd, I started my journey of writing since I was 12 years old and till this day, I continue to journal. 

 Through the process of journaling, I learned a lot about myself and personal development. My curiosity grew for personal development, cognitive development and wielding our minds to create the kinds of life we can only dream of.

 The different manifestations that fruitioned in my life throughout the course of my adult life is astounding and deepened my interest and passion for goal setting and becoming a master manifestor in my life. 

 I started talking about it on my podcast and writing about it on my blog and began the journey of my creative channel. I share this with you because, there is no one way to go about discovering your passion nor does it come in its typical form. 

It usually arrives the least way that you expected. Another challenge is, once you figure out what that passion is for you or your purpose, sometimes it can be frustrating to figure out the kind of channel to exercise your purpose.. for me I figured out blogging and podcasting works for me and my brand. But for you it could be YouTube or a form of social media. 

 My point is, the goal to discovering your passion takes oneself to be open and aware at all times. It takes wanting to know what your purpose is.

Having a deep passion for uncovering this should reside in the deepest of your hearts. 

 4 Ways to Discover your Passion 

 1. Your heart sings when you do your passion.
When you do this activity, you are the happiest. Your energy is higher and things seem to be in alignment for you. Your soul seems to be at its highest frequency and you see the world clearer when you are in this space.

 2. You think about your passion constantly. 
When you aren't doing this activity, you find yourself thinking about doing this, wondering how to make it better and how you can share it with other people.

You are constantly looking for different ways to incorporate this activity in your life, or you find inspiration in different things that correlate with this activity.

3. You can do your passion for free.
You literally will do this for free because you love it so much.

Just doing the activity is satisfying to you and being able to exercise your passion is the best thing you can do with your time, therefore there is no monetary form of exchange is required.

 4. You feel connected with God/divine spirit when doing your passion.
When you're doing this activity, you notice that you are connecting with a higher form of energy, there is a feeling of oneness with your environment and the rest of your day seem to go smoothly, as if something or someone is wielding things to work for you.

Be open to what your subconscious mind signals to you. Be aware of how life throws you clues and opportunities to find out what your passion, through feelings you you get when different instances unfold for you. 

 Listen to music, movies and stories from friends and families, they reveal some truth to you about passion. 

  1.  Connect with your feelings and pay attention to them because these are insights to what your heart naturally gravitates to. Your emotions are guidepost to what matters most to you. 


 I hope this was helpful in understanding how to uncover your passion and purpose I'm life. 

It is truly rewarding to do what you love on a daily basis, share it with the world and live in spirit.. be live in spirit is to be inspired and to inspire others.

Check out my Episode on Discovering Your Passion:

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