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3 Tips to Handle Rejection for Mompreneurs

Did you know that we actually get rejected more often times than we can keep track of? 
Yea, it’s true.. do you recall all those times you’ve told your child to put your toys away, or eat your food or brush your teeth and they don’t... those times are times of rejection, by our own kids, the ones we actually made!
How about those times when our partner aren't giving us as much compassion, snuggles or kisses as we’d like? 

Yea, that’s also a form of rejection. 
We accept rejection from people all the time, but why is it so hard when it comes to our business? 
Or putting ourselves out there when it’s time to pitch an idea or enlist a huge corporation to give us money for a product or service? 
It is our nature to want to be accepted, some people suffer from it more than others.  Becoming a believer in our products is one thing, but what if we truly have a fear of rejection, does this mean we aren’t self confident? Does this mean we lack people skills? Does this mean we are inferior than o…

One More Year Wiser - 33 Years Young

Happy Birthday to me!  Today, I turned the big 33... I'd still like to think that I'm young, vibrant, filled with energy, succesful, sexy af and have my whole life ahead of me. 
While some of those things are true, I spent majority of my birthday sleeping in bed, because of a weed hangover from the night before. 
Before you start mom shaming me, hold up... I dont smoke a lot of weed but I do occasionally during special moments, i.e. my birthday.

[...& I dont do it until the kids have gone to bed and my partner is looking after us... so I am very responsible in my approach to this...]
Back to my day..

I've been had this weed since mothers day last year, but I smoke so seldomly that it's gotten stale, which I think is the reason why i may have had a headache today. At least that's what I'm telling myself. 
The truth of the matter is that, I could just be weak sauce and couldn't hang, lol.
Nonetheless, it was a quiet weekend, a side from my kids being mor…