One More Year Wiser - 33 Years Young

Happy Birthday to me! 

Today, I turned the big 33... I'd still like to think that I'm young, vibrant, filled with energy, succesful, sexy af and have my whole life ahead of me. 

While some of those things are true, I spent majority of my birthday sleeping in bed, because of a weed hangover from the night before. 

Before you start mom shaming me, hold up... I dont smoke a lot of weed but I do occasionally during special moments, i.e. my birthday.

[...& I dont do it until the kids have gone to bed and my partner is looking after us... so I am very responsible in my approach to this...]

Back to my day..

I've been had this weed since mothers day last year, but I smoke so seldomly that it's gotten stale, which I think is the reason why i may have had a headache today. At least that's what I'm telling myself. 

The truth of the matter is that, I could just be weak sauce and couldn't hang, lol.

Nonetheless, it was a quiet weekend, a side from my kids being more excited than I was. Cake, presents and I especially loved my 3 and 4.5 year old singing me happy birthday. Not too long ago, they were in they sing birthday songs... 

Probably one of the best things is hearing their off tune melody to the Happy Birthday song to their Mommy.. it was kind of a tear jerker. 

I count this decade a more grounded decade for me. Where I'm more aware of the larger picture and am in tune with my womanhood. Not to say I'm extremely well behaved and I am 5 steps ahead of my situation. Totally opposite of that.

In most cases, I am still extremely emotional, goofy af and can say some elementary statements that would be surprising to have come from a thirty-something year old. 

But, I am slower to make decisions and I know my weaknesses and strengths... most of all I love being a mom to my two children. 

I also find it a true blessing that I've finally succumbed to content creating through my blog and podcast. It's like gravitational vortex that keeps steering me to my purpose for most of my life and I've finally succumb to this pull. One of the best decisions of my life, for sure.

-3 Life Lessons-

Master a Skill. Become really good at one specific thing so that you can use it as leverage for salary negotiations and better positions within an organization. 

Being a Master at some things means that you are the Go To person wirhjbg that field or industry making you very valuable to the company or multiple companies. 

Do Your Passion. My one advice for those whom are younger than me, for those whom are wandering around, living life to the fullest, perhaps making bad decisions, or perhaps making ok decisions but aren't entirely fulfilled. 

Fulfillment comes from succumbing to what you gravitate to the most.. 

what makes your heart sing, what ignites your fire and keeps your spirit high.

Healing, fulfillment and meaningful work lies within your passion. 

My gift to you is the encouragement of succombing to and following your passion. 
I hope you seek your passion, follow your passion and share it with the world.

Live within your Means. This means to not buy something just because you can afford it, but looking at the bigger picture and seeing what are more practical alternatives that am does the job and is less expensive.

 For example, instead of buying a Benz or a BMW for $600-700 or more, her a more practical car for $300-400. This will allow you some extra income to put towards investing it in Real estate, ROI, savings account or a money market account, something that can yield a return and grow your hard earned money.

These lessons are some things ibe learned along the way, I hope this brings you insight on the path that you're on.

Happy 33rd Birthday to this young fart! 

Your mommy blogger, 


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