3 Tips to Handle Rejection for Mompreneurs

Did you know that we actually get rejected more often times than we can keep track of? 
Yea, it’s true.. do you recall all those times you’ve told your child to put your toys away, or eat your food or brush your teeth and they don’t... those times are times of rejection, by our own kids, the ones we actually made!
How about those times when our partner aren't giving us as much compassion, snuggles or kisses as we’d like? 

Yea, that’s also a form of rejection. 
We accept rejection from people all the time, but why is it so hard when it comes to our business? 
Or putting ourselves out there when it’s time to pitch an idea or enlist a huge corporation to give us money for a product or service? 
It is our nature to want to be accepted, some people suffer from it more than others.  Becoming a believer in our products is one thing, but what if we truly have a fear of rejection, does this mean we aren’t self confident? Does this mean we lack people skills? Does this mean we are inferior than o…

One More Year Wiser - 33 Years Young

Happy Birthday to me!  Today, I turned the big 33... I'd still like to think that I'm young, vibrant, filled with energy, succesful, sexy af and have my whole life ahead of me. 
While some of those things are true, I spent majority of my birthday sleeping in bed, because of a weed hangover from the night before. 
Before you start mom shaming me, hold up... I dont smoke a lot of weed but I do occasionally during special moments, i.e. my birthday.

[...& I dont do it until the kids have gone to bed and my partner is looking after us... so I am very responsible in my approach to this...]
Back to my day..

I've been had this weed since mothers day last year, but I smoke so seldomly that it's gotten stale, which I think is the reason why i may have had a headache today. At least that's what I'm telling myself. 
The truth of the matter is that, I could just be weak sauce and couldn't hang, lol.
Nonetheless, it was a quiet weekend, a side from my kids being mor…

Actionable Tips to be a Mindful Mommy

One of the best things about content creating and blogging, is that I get to connect with other moms whom have a passion for family, motherhood and content creating. 

I've been able to guest post with Elna, owner and creator of Imperfectly Perfect Mama.

IPM is a community of mommy writers whom have the same interest in sharing their journey of motherhood and all aspects of motherhood. 

In my guest post, I go over Actionable Tips to be a Mindful Mommy, something similar that I would touch on here at Self Improve Daily. 

I love personal growth and developing ourselves to become better mothers for our children and more present for our partners. 
Check out my post on Imperfectly Perfect Mama, I hope this opens up some ideas for you to become more mindful and present as mommy's in your lives. 
Your mommy blogger,  Maria 

3 Positive Mommy Mindset

 Actionable Tips for a Positive Mommy Mindset 
There have been countless times in my life where Ive felt like crap or just simply down and out. This feeling increased after I became a mom. 

Perhaps, it comes with the chemical imbalance in my body and suffering from mild Post Partum-Depression.  Whatever the cause, when I feel these negative feelings, it’s no joke.  
Feelings of not being a good mom or things aren’t happening as quickly as I’d like, my relationships aren’t as fulfilling, or there is a void that seems to get bigger and bigger as the day pass. 
It’s tough to stay consistently positive or motivated. Especially when we start comparing ourselves to what we believe we should be at or worst, compare ourselves to other people’s success. 
The good thing is that this is completely normal. We are human beings, feeling down or sadness is apart of our making. The key to this is understanding that all feelings, including sadness is all temporary and eventually pass with time. 
Welcome it …

4 Tips for a Slam Dunk Interview

Everyone knows that interviews are nerve racking, uncertainty is inevitable, and is anxiety filled. 

Most of the time the interview process gets the best of us and we don’t get to exemplify our best selves. Little do we know, there is a lot of mindset shifts that can take place for a successful interview to fruition.
 - Get grounded, know your goal in mind. 
 - Know your interviewer is human too.  
 - Be professional, arrive early & bring a copy of your resume! 
 Now that we have some mindset has shifted, lets review the 4 tips for a successful interview. Shifting the energy of nervousness towards a keen awareness in your responses to the interviewer’s questions and being mindful of your behavior during the interview will set you apart from those who didn’t do any preparation. 
It takes preparation, acceptance, honesty and being able to get over the nervousness for a successful interview. 
Tips for a Slam Dunk Interview
1. Know your interviewer.  
 Before going into the interview…

4 Ways to Bounce Back from Being Fired

How do you come back from being terminated from a job?    Many of us have experienced being terminated from a job and its awful.

It comes with a level of embarrassment, questioning of your value and the terrifying unknown of what's to come.

 Along with most things, there is a silver lining that is accompanied with being terminated.
  If your employer is not grateful for you being there, working day in and day out, than it may be best to look for an employer that does appreciate your efforts towards the company goals, increasing the bottom line and essentially being a part of the bones of the company.  
 On another note, if you feel that you’ve deserved to be fired because you were not operating at your best, not completing tasks and responsibilities and that evaluation, after evaluation, after feedback or write up, you prove yourself not willing or capable to improve, then this job may not be for you.  
 You need to look inside and discover what you really want to do with your l…

4 Ways to Discover Your Passion

What you naturally gravitate to is a key to the rest or your life.   Be open to how this could reveal itself to you. We are quietly and very subtly reminded on a frequent basis of our life's purpose. 
 And it's the matter of being open and aware enough to hear your subconscious mind giving signals as to what is your dharma or life purpose. A quiet twinkle could light up within you when you start talking about a type of activity or item. 
Or perhaps when you are talking about someone that is doing what you feel like you could be happy doing creates a level of curiosity and perhaps makes you question, "why not you?". 
 My story is a bit odd, I started my journey of writing since I was 12 years old and till this day, I continue to journal. 
 Through the process of journaling, I learned a lot about myself and personal development. My curiosity grew for personal development, cognitive development and wielding our minds to create the kinds of life we can only dream of…

5 Successful Morning Routines for the Working Mom

Ever wake up in a frantic because your alarm didn’t go off?   Or perhaps, you were speeding to get to work and got a traffic ticket on the way in? 
 I’ve been there, that frantic feeling  sucks and has an astounding ripple effect for the hours to come.

How our morning goes usually dictates the rest of our day, therefore we get to take the time to prepare for the kinds of mornings that reap productivity, efficiency and can help you achieve your goals for 2019. 
 As busy moms, moms who juggle running a business or working for a company, or SAHM’s going back to work... we all need a morning routine that gears us towards Positivity, Productivity & Peace.  
 I call this, Mommy’s 3 P’s - Positivity, Productivity & Peace! Become a Mommy that generates these 3 P’s on a daily basis and you will be on track for success, reaching your goals quickly and have a more balanced life.  
Don’t we want more Productivity & Peace?

Absolutely!!   Morning Routine for the Busy Mommy’s  1.  Wake …